• organisers:
    Art and promotion agency KULTOBIN

  • partners in preparations and carrying out of the event
    Košické folklórne štúdio
    Cultural center of Košice Self-governing Region
    Folk-dance house
    Private primary school of art Vlado Urban
    Communication House s. r. o.

    is a great international folklore festival. It continues
    in a long tradition of organising international folklore festivals in the metropolis of the
    eastern Slovakia, the city of Košice. The festival is aimed at presenting and promoting
    traditional Slovak and European culture.

    CFF offers
    * Galaprogramme of the Cassovia folkfest in Košice´s State Theatre
    * Fujara, gajdy and horn players
    * Great daylight dancing parade
    * Night torch parade
    * Music and dances of the nations
    * Crafts´fair
    * Fair theatre
    * The international dance evening
    * Games and dances – children´s folklore ensembles

  • Dance workshop
    Dance show
    Educational concerts



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